¡Buenas! Or, how I finally stopped procrastinating and spent an hour making a website.

¡Buenas! Erotic Linens, the home of Scarlet Tentacle, is finally up in a temporary state. I’ve been trying to get this website together for several years, ever since it’s name was born in an evening of ribald jokes. After talking about it for so long – and putting the address on business cards that I’ve handed out before the site was operational – oops, sorry about that, theoretical visitors who were greeted by the strange GoDaddy stock people images – it is surreal to be able to type in EroticLinens.com and get to an actual website, rather than just an idea. So hooray!

Right now, all the site has is some very, very, almost embarrisingly basic links that show folks the Scarlet Tentacle Etsy shop, my email, my Twitter account and some photos of on Flickr. If life goes accordingly to plan (because when does it ever not go according to plan?) I’ll be launching a much spiffier version of the site (you know, something that I spent more than an hour on), with fun stuff like… more links? To things that are awesome? Because really, that’s what a website is, no? Lots and lots of links to awesome stuff.

Also in the future: Fabulosa Fest! It’s a three-day camping outdoor festival and adventure at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma and I am one of the Craft Artisans. (Bonus points if you visit the site, go to Craft Artisans and find the link to Erotic Linens, the home of Scarlet Tentacle, which should then take you back here) I’ve been making buckets and buckets of stuff for this festival and can’t wait to go back to Walker Creek. If you are free between July 16th and 18th and have the means to camp in a gorgeous retreat in West Marin and enjoy ladies, art and nature, this event is for you. Plus, they’re accepting volunteer applications until Saturday, July 10th.

Aaaand another future event, this one on August 15th: I’m teaching a class in Naughty Needlepoint for the lovely gallery Femina Potens. I’ll share more details when they’ve been ironed out.

Speaking of Femina Potens and amazing events, last week I had the honor of attending the The Thin Line Between Art & Sex Part Deux at Kink.com’s The Upper Floor. The event was for members of Femina Potens and featured some seriously delicious performers, including Courtney Trouble (who is much shorter in person than I had anticipated, had I stopped to anticipate such a thing), my crushBella Rossi, Seda Kink (in a breath-taking corset, pun kind of intended), Billy Castro and more incredibly talented folks whom I’ve interacted with via Twitter for my old work but had never gotten to meet in person. The evening was really wonderful, and I made some quick & fun little pieces as well as some sketches for larger embroideries for later dates.

I haven’t seen any photos or footage from this year’s event, but there is a lovely set from the first event on Flickr here: The Thin Line Between Art & Sex, February 2010. My partner and I are lurking in the background in a few of those photos and also somehow made it into the trailer on the Upper Floor page for the event.

And Mission Mission blogged about the event!

So with that, here’s to the launch of a rather silly website that’s been a long time coming, and goodnight.


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