My Embroidered Vagina Obsession on Mr. X Stitch and the Bust Craftacular!

I took a break from attempting to wrangle our seemingly infinite moving chaos this morning to sit with a cup of tea and catch up on all of the internet I’ve been missing this week (AT&T & I have some Very Serious Anger Management Issues to sort out regarding our Very Very Frustrating Self Installation Debacle that took 6 hours with a reeeeeally chatty technician who ended up having Technical Difficulties of his own and had to come back the next day), and lo and be hold, my work was featured on Mr. X Stitch’s NSFW Saturday series: Scarlet Tentacle’s Obsession! Just the existence of a blog feature that highlights embroidery work that isn’t kittens and children makes me extraordinarily happy, and that my work was featured today makes me bounce with glee. Their website is fantastic – go check it out! – and the folks that make up the editorial team make lovely work and find spectacular pieces to share (other than mine, of course, their blog is shiny without my embroidered nether region contributions).

Also, in the category of news-that-makes-me-bounce-and-be-happy-we-have-no-neighbors-living-beneath-us, I applied completely last-minute and on an utter lark to participate in the Bust Craftacular in New York City (OK, Queens, but still), which is part of the first annual World Maker Faire, and got accepted! I’ve been wracking my brains since I got the news, trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to get myself, my work and my display gear to New York without bending the space-time continuum or inventing a warp engine, but whatever. New York! Bust! Maker Faire! My embroidered vaginas and generally not-safe-for-work work! By myself! Yes! It promises to be an adventure of epic proportions. I’m not sure what makes it the World Maker Faire, as opposed to, say, the Bay Area Maker Faire – I contend that San Francisco is the urban center of the world, fair judge of such totally-possible-to-determine things as I am – but if it’s anything like the other Maker Faires, there will be cupcakes on wheels, giant sculptural installations, intriguing demos and now embroidered vaginas and other not-safe-for-work embroidered goods and patterns.

If you’re in or familiar with the New York area I’d love to hear suggestions of places to eat and check out, especially on the crafty & kinky side, and places to eat as well!

xo Kira


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