Karma Pervs WIP Wednesday

Work In Progress Wednesday: This week has been an unexpectedly up and down week. I’m so tired right now I’m having trouble typing full sentences. On my work table for this week’s WIP: Karma Pervs, geomeric designs for my other shop, a new redwork piece based on a photo from ‘An Open Invitation’, my stupid […]

Wednesday WIP: Now with more Vicodin!

This Wednesday’s WIP: New bag designs; a leaf I’m using for another new design; Taylor’s embroidery design still in progress; my heavy duty antibiotics & painkillers that make me extraordinarily queasy and drowsy (we went camping last weekend and I got bit on my lip and chin by a dog and now I can’t talk […]

A Week’s Work In Progress

This week has been insane crazy for me, so I’m a few days late sharing my Work In Progress on Wednesday (and am in fact not sharing any work in progress from Wednesday, but instead sharing work in progress from Tuesday and Thursday. Quel horreur!). Serves me right for being attached to an inconvenient alliteration. […]

The Day That Pillow Queen Lost Its Meaning

A fun, disconcerting moment: Last night I was working on selecting typefaces for a new line of pillows (Dirty Pillows!) ; my process involves typing out the word multiple times and then changing the typeface, so in the end I’ll have an image with 10-20 different fonts. I’d been working for an hour on finding […]

The Agony of Profile & Press Photos

I’m supposed to submit photos of myself for my craftsperson bio for the Bust Craftacular. I’ve left it up the complete last minute – everything else has been done for a while, but I can’t bring myself to decide. So I’m procrastinating even more by writing a blog post about my indecision! I hate photos […]

WIP Wednesday Again: Hand Embroidery, TNG and Power Drills

Oh hey, it’s Wednesday again. I could not tell you where the hell this last week went, besides a few hours of my yesterday that were spent wrangling a supremely unexpected 200lb couch out of it’s massive box. Other than that? I have no idea. I’ve gotten some stuff done, but I’d be hard pressed […]

For Shame, Feministe

Feministe has been on my blogroll since I discovered that there were such things as feminist blogs on the internet. It’s a site I’ve loved for a long time because of the diversity of articles and perspectives that fill the site and reflect the diversity and passion of feminism in general. One of the regular […]

Embroidery Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday. After a summer full of blustery winter weather (and three days of an unexpectedly extreme heat wave), it is suddenly hot and muggy on the first day of September. I’m trying to work away Making Things and Taking Care of Stuff (like unpacking the bazillions of boxes full of stuff I can’t find) […]