Embroidery Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday. After a summer full of blustery winter weather (and three days of an unexpectedly extreme heat wave), it is suddenly hot and muggy on the first day of September. I’m trying to work away Making Things and Taking Care of Stuff (like unpacking the bazillions of boxes full of stuff I can’t find) but the heat is making me sleepy and I have errands to take care of so I can get on with the Making Things and Taking Care of Stuff efficiently (funny how difficult it is to screw in curtain rods without screws).

Here are some photos I took of some work-in-progress being made for the Bust Craftacular whilst enjoying the abundance of natural light in our new space!

Browns WIP:
Browns WIP

Blues WIP:
Blues WIP

And here is a photo essay exploring one of the many reasons I don’t get as much work done as I’d like:

1. Trying to take a picture of the gianormous rug I got too cheap to be true from Ikea yesterday:
1 of 3: The New Rug

2. Igor crashing my rug-photographing montage:
2 of 3: Pay Attention to MEE

3. Igor demanding “Scratch Mah Butt!”
3 of 3: Scrat Mah Butt!

It is my dear wish to train him to do this on command (and of course the command would be “Igor, show off your butt!”).


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