WIP Wednesday Again: Hand Embroidery, TNG and Power Drills

Oh hey, it’s Wednesday again. I could not tell you where the hell this last week went, besides a few hours of my yesterday that were spent wrangling a supremely unexpected 200lb couch out of it’s massive box. Other than that? I have no idea. I’ve gotten some stuff done, but I’d be hard pressed to tell you exactly what stuff that was. We had a lovely friend come over for dinner on Monday night and we cooked a scrumptious dinner scramble of rice, garbonzo beans, feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach (fuck that is a hard word to spell correctly; apparently I don’t write about spinach very often), lemon and onion, and though the company was terrific and the food was delightful (there were also brownies)(actually I think there might still be brownies, so if you come to visit me, be sure to ask for some), I’m not sure that socializing counts as Getting Stuff Done.

So here’s what I should have been working on this week, and will be working on today:

WIP Wednesday - Minus the Pie.

My plans for this Wednesday: ironing and finishing, finishing my pegboard project (god I love that power drill), untangling and sorting the mass of floss I found squirreled away in my moving boxes from three years ago (gah!), watching something while working and trying some rayon gold thread. Oh, and baking a pie (an apple pie, whose accoutrements are not included in this photo because flour and shortening do not mix well with thread. No, no, of course I have no first hand experience to back that statement up, why would anyone attempt to embroider while baking?) and cleaning our place before we have Dinner Guests over.

Va Va Voom: WIP Wednesday

What do you think she dropped? Beefranck of Mr. X Stitch thinks she dropped a contact, but I think she dropped a disc of TNG.

Whore: WIP Wednesday

Soon to be a lovely throw pillow. Inspired by a comment from the lovely AAG (whose blog you must read immediately if you do not already do so).

Whore: WIP Wednesday

Leftover pattern prints from a larger scale version of my current WIP Whore Pillow. I tacked them up to the wall so they’re the first thing I see when I walk into the office space, and it makes me so happy. I hope someday to make a piece with this scale of embroidered lettering, sometime after I get less crazy from the Bust Craftacular plans & preparation.


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