The Day That Pillow Queen Lost Its Meaning

Pillow Queen CompositionA fun, disconcerting moment:

Last night I was working on selecting typefaces for a new line of pillows (Dirty Pillows!) ; my process involves typing out the word multiple times and then changing the typeface, so in the end I’ll have an image with 10-20 different fonts. I’d been working for an hour on finding fonts for ‘pillow queen’ and all of a sudden I wasn’t sure anymore if I was spelling ‘pillow’ correctly, and then was positive that ‘queen’ was spelled differently, though I couldn’t tell you how. I stared at it, googled the word a few times to be sure, and finally had to call it quits for the night because I’d stared at the words for so long that they’d lost their meaning and looked instead like abstract shapes.


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