A Week’s Work In Progress

This week has been insane crazy for me, so I’m a few days late sharing my Work In Progress on Wednesday (and am in fact not sharing any work in progress from Wednesday, but instead sharing work in progress from Tuesday and Thursday. Quel horreur!). Serves me right for being attached to an inconvenient alliteration.

Tuesday’s To Do Work:

All of Tuesday's To Do Work

Tuesday’s work in progress: ironing, my favorite power drill, some old miniDV tapes that need importing and probably editing as well, an old photo project and a new embroidery piece based on the lovely cover for ‘I Like It Rough’ with Bobbi Starr & Kristina Rose.

Pincushions Like It Rough

Pincushions love it rough! I fucking LOVE the cover for I Love It Rough #4 – there’s something true about Bobbi Starr’s expression, even if it is a performance. If that makes sense: even if they are performing the rough sex they’re having on the cover, both ladies, particularly Ms. Bobbi, seem to be really into performing the rough sex.

Tuesday's work

Another view of my desk on Tuesday. I’m enjoying the juxtaposition of my photo of Taylor with the Cunt embroidered bag.

And my work from Thursday:

Thursday's To Do

From my desk yesterday: packaging supplies, a large to-do list, scissors, a draft of a note to a customer, a tracing pattern of one of my designs & a poem I’m designing a tattoo off of.

This week's work in progress:

Most of this week’s embroidery works in progress.

Taylors embroidery in progress

The embroidery in progress of Taylor’s design. I think I’m going to start mixing it up and using different textures and types of black thread for this design to mirror the changes in depth and texture that his drawing has.

3" embroidery in progress

Brown vagina in progress. I’m so close to being done, and yet so far: This weekend we’ll be away camping with a bunch of folk from Taylor’s workplace, and I’m not entirely sure I want to deal with explaining what I’m working on AND risking getting my work covered in marshmallow goo and beer (and wow, that is not how I thought marshmallow was spelled).

redwork dildo in progress

Redwork dildo in progress! I’ve had this design sketched out for a while and will hopefully have time to complete it on the way to our campsite (5 hours is a long time.)

Very early in progress.

Piece of vintage bedsheet I’m going to be trying something new with. A collage, of sorts. The material is kind of a pain in the ass to work with because it has such a high thread count and tight weave (which would be luxurious as a sheet but is not my favorite to work with), but the texture is beautiful and I’m really excited to be doing something more free-form.

Still in progress

Another vagina piece, this one in blue, still in progress.

And this has very little to do with my work in progress, except that as I’m typing this post I’m listening to it, but damn am I loving the new Black Keys album Brothers. This is going to make the 5 hour drive to Oregon much more bearable (Ok, apparently we’re not *actually* going camping in Oregon, but damn if we’re not driving far enough to be able to easily if we wanted to. What? No, I’m not cranky at all all about a 5 hour drive! Nope! Not me. I will not be de-crankying myself tonight with a bottle of tequila. Nope.)


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