Mid-March Update In Need of a Snarky Title

I decided long ago that since it irked me so much to read other writers’ apologies on the subject, I would not apologize for being a “bad blogger” and not updating. So I won’t.


I will say that it’s been an interesting few months, both professionally and personally.

My most recent exciting news is hearing that my entry into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival was accepted! The festival itself is in May (May 20th to May 22nd, I believe), and sounds like it will be much fun. All I have to do is figure out how to successfully ship the piece to Seattle and back.

Here’s the piece:


Since September of my last update: My Scarlet Tentacle shop is still up and running, with tons of new pieces like adult erotic coloring books, pin-up girl embroidery patterns, XXX naughty redwork embroideries, and more of my favorite vagina pins (and seems to have gotten a surge in traffic and sales last week that I can’t figure out the source of). I’ve done a few custom orders that I really, really enjoyed making (contact Scarlet Tentacle here on Etsy if you’re interested in a custom order too!). I vended (was a vendor?) at the San Francisco Renegade Handmade show in December, which was an interesting experience I’m still somewhat raw over. This doesn’t feel like the place to fully discuss it, but for the record, let me say this: in my experience, it was not a good learning-to-vend, second-craft-fair-ever fair to vend at.

In November I opened two more etsy stores – lines? brands? – Lace & Sparrow and Ragequit Craft. I’m about to add a ton of new pieces, including coloring books and geeky embroidery patterns to Ragequit Craft over the next few days, so check back often.

On a personal level, these last few months have been somewhat of an up-and-down roller coaster. I went through a rough spot of depression and anxiety that I’m still working my way out of; made some new friends; lost touch with old friends; started reading Autostraddle and went to a meet-up of AS readers (which was a big deal for me with the anxiety and depressive issues); made art at another Thin Line Between Art & Sex event at Femina Potens/The Upper Floor at the Armory; submitted my artwork to some art shows; started putting out tendrils in the form of applications for various volunteer organizations; and went to my first roller derby bout and fell in love with it.

My next blogging task is to figure out what on earth I want to do with this space, where I want to take it and how I want to get there. I feel rather bombarded with conflicting suggestions and impulses about writing and blogging and life in general — promote your personal brand! promote your personal work! tell your life story! keep all personal information private! write about life! write about sex! don’t offend anyone! write for only yourself! write for your future self! be professional! be personal! reveal all! reveal none! gah! — and as such have not done anything with this space, or any of my other blogging spaces, for what feels like far, far too long, and I miss these conversations with the internet and my future self. With my life and life goals in flux it has been easier to retreat and not say anything at all for fear of upsetting Things That Are In The Future, which, as I write it, seems like a rather fruitless task.

So! Hello again, internet. This is my blog. Again. Still. Ok. I hope to hear from you.


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