Post-Game Celebration – Erotic Art Illustration Now Available as Print

I am pleased to present to you (drumroll here, please)… a new erotic illustration from Scarlet Tentacle!

So. Here it is! It’s a print! Of oral sex in a locker room! It’s called ‘Post-Game Celebration!’ It is available as a print from my shop on Etsy: Post-Game Celebration Erotic Art Illustration on Etsy!

Inspired in various amounts by my love of Teh Ladies, sex-positive lovers who know and own what they want and what makes them feel good, my many formative years of locker rooms and dressing rooms full of girls, plus roller derby, soccer, softball and tattoos, this erotic illustration is no masterpiece, but it makes me deeply happy, which is just as well. And let’s hope the locker room floor in my imagination is cleaner than the locker room floors I’ve been near in real life (seriously, hockey players, what’s with all the spitting & peeing inside and those discarded, off-coloured jock straps? Gross.).

I’m also particularly excited about the debut of this print because it’s the first actual print of my drawings that I’m sharing with the world. I’ve shared hand embroidery patterns of pin-up girls and adult coloring books full of more curvy ladies, but this is the first illustration available in my shop. It makes me happy, and I hope it makes you happy, too.

As the artist of this queer-themed erotic illustration, I feel the need to point out a few things that are not quite selling points but are important to me nonetheless:

1. The Converse. They are perhaps far too detailed than this piece calls for, but I love them. Perhaps this is because I’ve now spent something like 20 hours staring at this drawing, but the first thing that my eye is drawn to in this composition are the Converse. And I am happy, because they look, to me, like Converse.

2. The Raven tattoo. I am in the process of designing my own tattoos with ravens for my back/shoulder blades/collar bones, and it gives me great joy to bedeck other bodies with prospective pieces of my own designs.

3. The (almost totally unnecessary) details on the lockers – the locks and the number plates in particular. Two small bits I had far too much fun creating. You can’t see it in this image, nor in the prints themselves (unless I was to print them at something like, 20 inches wide), but the locker number labels say both “NOMNOMNOM” and “most lockers smell like ass” in the spaces that usually proudly proclaim the brand of said labels. What can I say? I am mildly to moderately addicted to Illustrator and unnecessary detail.

Ok, now that I look at it for a bit longer, I can say that I lied: my eye first goes to the red booty shorts, and then to the Converse, then back up to the redhead’s head. And then to the Converse again.

So! Go forth and enjoy, internet and dear readers. It may or may not end up as an embroidery and/or embroidery pattern in the vague and nebulous future.


2 thoughts on “Post-Game Celebration – Erotic Art Illustration Now Available as Print

    • Ooo, volleyball! Thanks! I knew I’d forgotten a good spectator sport :-)

      I think I just need to re-title this drawing “Post-Game Celebration of every women’s sport ever because wow, female athletes” or something similar.

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