Work In Progress Wednesday: Pictured and Not Pictured.

It’s been a weird week, so here is a semi-stream-of-consciousness list of things I am working on/things on my brain: A piece I’m working on for SFGirls of Leather’s May 1st Auction at the San Francisco Citadel (both of which you should definitely go to and support if you are in the Bay Area!). Writing […]

Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace, April and May 2011

Hey, Internet! Come and meet me at these Extra-Special Upcoming Events! April 30th: Femina Potens’ Art of Restraint at Mission Control in San Francisco! I’ve never been to an Art of Restraint event (and I don’t know if this is a first time that fine artists will be making work at the same time as […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Fuck Yeah Sofa! (And a hot topless pin-up girl on the sofa).

This Week’s Work in Progress Wednesday: Fuck Yeah Sofa! (And a hot topless pin-up girl on the sofa). I started this drawing as a birthday present for a friend, but it has turned into something more: an excuse to spend hours drawing tiny, insignificant details in Illustrator. I have indulged my ridiculous obsession with (love!) […]

Work In Progress Wednesday: Now with more awkward, eyepatches and ravens.

Today’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday: I needed a representation of me for a bio for Salacious Magazine (!!!) and this is what I concocted. Yes, the image is based on a photo of me. Yes, I actually do wear an eyepatch from time to time (really) (and not just because I like pirates). No, I don’t have […]

Above the urinal, needles in hand.

(Most of) the poster for this year’s Fabulosa Fest… Funny story about that poster: I was at el Rio last weekend and one of my friends came back from the men’s urinal really, reaaly excited about something: Him: Guess what I just saw in the urinal?!!? You’ll never guess! Me: (oh dear god I really, […]

Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Tentatively Sexypants, Mixed Media Illustration

This week’s work-in-progress piece tentatively and sarcastically titled Sexypants (the sexy lady illustrated lady has no pants! That’s why they’re sexypants!) is a draft of a drawing I’m working on for a promotional Scarlet Tentacle postcard I’ll be sending out with each order from the shop. I’m enjoying the copious amounts of texture in this […]