Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Tentatively Sexypants, Mixed Media Illustration

This week’s work-in-progress piece tentatively and sarcastically titled Sexypants (the sexy lady illustrated lady has no pants! That’s why they’re sexypants!) is a draft of a drawing I’m working on for a promotional Scarlet Tentacle postcard I’ll be sending out with each order from the shop. I’m enjoying the copious amounts of texture in this image, but nothing I’ve done with the text (only visible in other drafts — the text that’s in this version of the image is simply a watermark for my Tumblr) is really doing it for me – the image and the texture seem to be calling for some sort of elaborate hand-drawn typeset. Additionally, I’m concerned that this piece isn’t a particularly good representation of the tone of my work — I think because of the color mood set by the black watercolor wash, this image seems extraordinarily dark and moody, which is fine, but contrasts rather much with the better photos I’ve taken of my embroidered work, which are full of light and rainbows and happiness.

Also: does her hair look like tentacles? I’m not sure how I feel about this and whether or not the resemblance is in my head. Discuss?

So, in conclusion: folks who have ordered from my shop in the last few weeks, you are getting a potentially limited edition print in your orders named Sexypants, or Tentatively Sexypants! Exciting!


2 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday: Tentatively Sexypants, Mixed Media Illustration

    • Thanks Delta! Wildfire, yes! That’s what I was definitely going for with her hair, only you described much better than I did.

      Also, I just hopped over to your blog and it makes me very happy.

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