Above the urinal, needles in hand.

(Most of) the poster for this year’s Fabulosa Fest…

Funny story about that poster: I was at el Rio last weekend and one of my friends came back from the men’s urinal really, reaaly excited about something:

Him: Guess what I just saw in the urinal?!!? You’ll never guess!
Me: (oh dear god I really, really don’t want to know). I’ll never guess.
Him: A picture of you! A poster of you! A picture of you on a poster! Right above the urinal!
Me: …Huh?

And lo and behold, this poster is hanging above the men’s urinal and there is indeed a picture of me on this poster; I was a vendor at the festival last year and apparently someone used a (supremely awkward!) picture of me to promote the festival this year. You can see the entire poster featuring the line-up of the bands here, and if you’re feeling really generous and/or interested in drinking at a amazing bar in San Francisco, el Rio is hosting FABULITA! April 9th, 12-4pm at El Rio. It’s a “Luncheon & Ticket Give-Away to launch FABULOSA Fest 2011,” though their website has no more details about the event than that.

I don’t know if I am going to reapply to be a vendor this year or not — Walker Creek Ranch, the site of this year and last year’s festival, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet (as is most of West Marin)(you should visit, and visit soon and frequently, and bring your camera and some sunscreen), and the happy, summer-camp vibe of the weekend is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Summer camp for me was a horrible experience, and being at this festival washed away all of those bad memories and replaced them with three days of sun, happy people, good food and beautiful scenery.

But… there were a lot of issues with last year’s set-up for vendors that were seriously disheartening and are giving me pause about re-applying. One of my issues was the way the craft portion of the festival itself was promoted; most of the flyers I saw barely mentioned in passing that there was a craft fair at all, and those that did, like this year’s flyer, promoted “affordable crafts!” Which is fine, I suppose, except for that tickets to this thing for a weekend were something like +$400 for two people to camp for two nights and “affordable” is subjective and also somewhat contrary to advertising the weekend as a weekend of Arts. So in the craft section you got a ton of folks looking for either bargain basement deals (which is so, so awful for folks selling handmade goods that they have handmade themselves [though also there were a ton of people selling imported handmade goods, which is really hard to compete with, price-wise, for vendors selling their own handmade goods]) or a lot of folks who didn’t know and/or didn’t care that there even were crafts being sold on site, even though the vendors were asked to be in their booths for something like 9 hour shifts per day. IDK, this journal-blog-thing-a-ma-gig isn’t the place for this kind of review, especially because I have a lot of FEELINGS about how the whole thing was handled last year. Supposedly they’ve made some changes, so we shall see.

That said, I can imagine how fucking magical it would be to go to the festival as a participant (civilian? attendee?), which is actually what I’m leaning towards doing. The whole place had this great summer-camp vibe that was made even sweeter by the hordes of happy women of all ages and backgrounds cavorting everywhere. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion. There is a swimming hole, miles of trails suitable for biking and hiking, vegetable gardens, some random farm animals in pens (goats! goats jumping on tables!), delicious foodstuffs, beautiful & happy women, campfires every night, camping, etc.

So, to wrap up: there is a picture of me above the men’s urinal in a bathroom at el Rio. If you have the money, camping gear, sunscreen, a plaid shirt, bathing suit, a love for ladies and two-ish days free in July, you should definitely look into going. If you are a vendor, maybe not so much? Though if you are lucky, someone will take your photo that will end up in a men’s urinal. So there’s that.

And if you do decide to go, tell me and I will come and say hi!


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