Work In Progress Wednesday: Now with more awkward, eyepatches and ravens.

Today’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday: I needed a representation of me for a bio for Salacious Magazine (!!!) and this is what I concocted. Yes, the image is based on a photo of me. Yes, I actually do wear an eyepatch from time to time (really) (and not just because I like pirates). No, I don’t have any pet ravens, but if I did they’d be named Hugin and Munin, of course.

Surprisingly (or not), my written bio is EVEN MORE AWKWARD THAN THAT IMAGE. How is that possible, you ask? Because I seriously attempted to include sentences like this: Kira is exceedingly proud of her semi-speed reading skills, most notably employed to finish reading all of the Harry Potter books in their entirety within several hours of their midnight release and many hours before anyone else in time zone has, leaving her no choice but to constantly ask her still-reading friends and associates “Have you gotten to the part that..?”

See what I mean? Obscure inside jokes referencing other awkward attempts at writing bios that no one else but me remembers have no place in real life, let alone in biographical bits (autobiographical bits? Is it still autobiographical if it’s written in third person rather than first person perspective? Hm).

Awkward aside, I really am pleased with how this image is progressing. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I should re-include the text ‘Fuck Shit Up’ over the eyepatch, but that’s small potatoes. The ravens and the eyepatch make me happy.


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