Work in Progress Wednesday: Fuck Yeah Sofa! (And a hot topless pin-up girl on the sofa).

This Week’s Work in Progress Wednesday: Fuck Yeah Sofa! (And a hot topless pin-up girl on the sofa).

I started this drawing as a birthday present for a friend, but it has turned into something more: an excuse to spend hours drawing tiny, insignificant details in Illustrator. I have indulged my ridiculous obsession with (love!) (oh, dead inside jokes, how silly you are) period furniture that is carved within an inch of its life and horribly uncomfortable to sit upon but oh so beautiful to look at.

At this point, the naked lady is completely irrelevant to my sofa. The sofa, the rug, the damask wallpaper, even the floorboards are making me so much more happy than the topless lady.

I’ll be adding more texture, especially in the baseboards, wallpaper and wood bits and adjusting the colors (especially of wallpaper; the color scheme started out quite differently but morphed into Something Else Entirely with the addition of the rug at 4:30A this morning), but the layout is relatively complete and the piece is overall presentable to its intended recipient. I’ll probably be messing with it considerably more before I can decide whether or not I’ll sell a print in ye olde Scarlet Tentacle Etsy Shoppe, but it is mostly complete for its original purpose, only a week over-due.

Also: now belongs to meeeee! Right now it simply redirects to my (pathetically neglected) Etsy Shoppe, but someday soon it will be Going Exciting Places.

Also: ruffles on the panties? I can’t decide.


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