Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace, April and May 2011

Hey, Internet! Come and meet me at these Extra-Special Upcoming Events!

April 30th: Femina Potens’ Art of Restraint at Mission Control in San Francisco!

I’ve never been to an Art of Restraint event (and I don’t know if this is a first time that fine artists will be making work at the same time as the performance artists are performing), but I’ve heard amazing things about previous events and am so excited to go and be a part as an artist! The line-up of performers is an all-star cast and it would be well worth the ticket price to see one of these fine folks performing, let alone ten of them.

Also, funny story: last time I was at a Femina Potens event, Twisted Monk offered to skull-fuck me in the most gentlemanly way I could possibly imagine. I’d spent the evening watching his performances with awe (Maxine Holloway + straight razors + wax play about 5 feet from me and my embroidery = OMG), and left with such a crush. Offers to skull-fuck people are the last thing I can imagine as being offered politely (which, sadly, is another kind of post altogether), and, as such, make me want to squee like a fangirl when offered with such manners. So.

I could go on and on about these folks – in fact I have, actually, in the random bios I wrote for the GameLink website and blog and on Twitter – but you, hypothetical internet reader, should simply go and get some tickets to the event.

Here’s the official description:

April 30th – ART OF RESTRAINT – Doors open at 7:30pm and performances start sharply at 8:00-11pm. Followed by a decadent play party until 3AM.
Explore ‘Re-Birth and Transformation’ through bondage performances and rope art installations with music, multi-media, and performance. Featuring Madison Young, James Mogul, Five Star, Twisted Monk, Maxine Holloway, JP Robichaud, Dylan Ryan, Maggie Mayhem and Lilac Wine.

Step inside to the Art of Restraint – experience rope cinching tight into eager flesh as bodies struggle and dance in the air in an erotic ballet of dominance and submission. Visualize yourself in the midst of beautiful bound submissives molded into sculptural installations by some of the most skilled rope artists and bondage experts in the country. Indulge in delicious chocolates and strawberries served to you by our attentive and talented service submissives. Be transformed as we intertwine submission and empowerment in a dynamic exchange between two people and an audience starving for connection. Prepare to be placed in the center of a hot avant-garde bondage scene and play party.

Purchase your tickets now:

April 30th: Bay Area Derby Girls April Reign Double Header at the Oakland Convention Center!

I am so excited about attending this game (well, both games, but I’ll be leaving before the second game)! I saw the season opener back in February, after never having seen any derby outside of watching Whip It! several times and oh my goodness, I totally choked up when the teams were being introduced.

Semi-related: if you are interested in roller derby and live in the Bay Area, B.A.D has a casual practice league! New skaters can sign up during the first practice of each month and can get more information on B.A.D’s website. (I think roller derby needs to appropriate the rugby slogan “Bleed more than once a month” on shirts and recruiting materials).

May 14th: Femina Potens’ The Thin Line Between Art and Sex (#4!) at the Upper Floor

So far this information hasn’t been added to Femina Potens’ website, but I just received an email about it, asking for artists to volunteer their time and work again.

I’ve been an artist at all three previous events (and sat on the same damn couch each time) (and was awkwardly interviewed by the Upper Floor/Kink Live crew & Madison Young each time) (I should really buy those shoots and see exactly how awkward/bright red I am on camera) (and fuck, maybe I should sit somewhere else besides that damn sofa if I don’t want to be interviewed again, gah, I am so fucking awkward) and had an amazing time meeting folks and embroidering until my fingers fall off. The event lasts for four hours, from 8pm to midnight, and the plethora of artists make something like 10 pieces of art each (though I usually only finish about 6 to 8 embroideries, because even though I am fast like the wind at embroidering, I am not super-human, and my fingers are usually ready to fall off by the end of the evening); each guest gets to choose a piece of art to take home and can purchase tickets to get more pieces.

Also! This is the only event I’ve found so far where it is appropriate for me to wear my extravagantly steampunk dress. So, if you too like sexy events, BDSM and art, and have an article of fancy dress clothing that you don’t have enough occasions to wear, this might be the perfect event for you.

Thin Line events are thank you events for Femina Potens members, so if you want to go you should purchase a membership! Memberships also get you a ton of other opportunities that you can read about on the Femina Potens website, and are one of the reasons I want to move into San Francisco so that I can take advantage of the bad-ass programming all the time. Thin Line events seem to happen between three and four times a year, so a year’s membership will get you admittance to many Thin Line events, parties and other exclusive members events.

Here is the official description from FP:

This Spring we are tingling with anticipation to celebrate the amazing individuals whom support Femina Potens! In your honor we will be hosting the fourth and fabulous ‘Thin Line Between Art & Sex’ – a steamy and explicit night of live sex performances exclusively for Femina Potens Members.

On May 14th, 2011 we will lure our privileged members into the mysterious forbidden fortress located in the Mission. Members will thoroughly enjoy the undeniable creativity and beauty that art and sex tantalizingly offer. We look forward to presenting 20 coquettish sex performers and 20  talented artists live for your creative pleasure. Soak in soul-bearing erotic and BDSM performances while Femina Poten’s Artists create original pieces of work that each member will take home as a sexy memento.  Savor delicious wine and exotic treats by house submissives. Live sex performances and appearances with adult film stars Madison Young, Maxine Holloway, LqqkOut and more!  This event will be broadcast live so if you are attending and want to remain anonymous please request a masquerade mask for the event.  If you plan on bringing a date or two, you will need to sign them up for a membership as well to attend.

Would you like little peek of what is to come?  Preview these hot photos and video of last July’s Thin Line event!

We are so grateful for the community support given to sustain cutting edge art.  In return we promise to keep giving our members unique live performances, artists talks, limited edition artwork, opportunities to meet artists, performers and VIP guests all year long. To support Femina Potens and make your self eligible for ‘Thin Line Between Art & Sex’  purchase a FP Membership today.

Important:  After purchase of membership PLEASE email us at to confirm your attendance and we will email you with directions and details for the event.

Broadcast live on‘s

May 20th to 22nd: Seattle Erotic Art Festival
One of my pieces, The Private Collection, (I’m listed on the website officially as Kira Scarlet, yay!) will be part of the festival. Some of my work may or may not be available through the festival store (and will be available through my Etsy shop after the festival).

Aside from going and admiring the fantastic shadow box I found super-cheap (and, I suppose, the art within it), the Festival full of other amazing art and events that erotic art lovers will be sure to enjoy.

Also, I just noticed: the festival is sponsored by Juxtapose? Huh.


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