Work In Progress Wednesday: Pictured and Not Pictured.

It’s been a weird week, so here is a semi-stream-of-consciousness list of things I am working on/things on my brain:

A piece I’m working on for SFGirls of Leather’s May 1st Auction at the San Francisco Citadel (both of which you should definitely go to and support if you are in the Bay Area!).
Writing product descriptions for these lovely postcards that may or may not be sold through the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.
Brainstorming more pieces to put in my Scarlet Tentacle Etsy Shop so that I can send out these seriously bad-ass postcards. (Shiny! Rounded corners! You should buy something from my shoppe just so you can receive one of these post cards. I totally would if I didn’t have a box of them on my dining table to admire & show all my visitors and my partner over and over again, who is sick of hearing me ask at random intervals “Hey, have you seen these??!?! Squee!!!”. He’s a patient fellow.).
A stack of preliminary vector drawings & colorized sketches of sexy ladies, some of which may or may not get turned into prints for my Scarlet Tentacle shoppe.
Making a purse for myself out of this weird pouch-thing I’ve had lying around since I was a kid.
Working on new pieces for one of my other shoppes, Ragequit Craft.
Working on new pieces for my other shoppe, Lace and Sparrow.
Website (re)design plans.
Poems. Mine and not mine.
You know.
Wondering about emails about job interviews and whatnot that I sent a few weeks ago.
Worrying. Fretting. Trying to not be anxious about everything.
Putting off calling my doctor to get referrals and another billion appointments.
Designing more illustrations for More Dangerous Curves, the second edition of my coloring book for adults.
Wondering about friendship, about how to handle it, how to make it work, how to be a good friend and get closer to people. How to open up without freaking the universe and/or potential friends out.
Listening to the newest Avett Brothers album on repeat.
Wondering if I’m capable of learning how to play the piano.
Not researching how to ship & insure art pieces. Feeling guilty about not doing so.
Not returning emails promptly. Feeling guilting about not doing so.
Asking repetitive questions about the exact dates of the fresh meat sign-up sessions for the BAD Girls Reckless Rollers.
Wondering where the derby gear that I ordered online because I was so nervous about going to a shop in person is.
Daydreaming about starting my own webcomic.
Scheming about which plants I am going to start from seed, and where/in what I am going to put them.
Puzzling over traffic statistics, as always. Like, what happened on Friday, April 15th, to bring so much traffic to my blog? And who is searching for ‘scarlet femina’ and are they trying to find me? Because if so I am what comes up for the first few searches! I think I will title the lady on my promotional postcards Scarlet Femina.
Missing absent friends. Trying to ignore ghosts.
Asking myself what the hell I am doing with my life.

Also: I am glad I picked this photo of me for my bio on last year’s Bust Craftacular (which still pains me deeply that I couldn’t make it to vend at. Damn dog bite.). I love the internet.


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