Scarlet Tentacle Pin Up Girl Illustration – Free Embroidery Pattern, now with more Tentacles

Finally, tentacles from Scarlet Tentacle! It only took me a year and a half or so to draw some. So: I’m starting a monthly tradition of designing a free pattern for hand embroidery each month. Here is the free pattern for May from Scarlet Tentacle… Since I’ve been procrastinating for months about dealing with image […]

Backwards Crossovers On My Mind

First of all, hello to all new readers coming over from Feeling Stitchy! Thanks for feating my work, Mrs. Lacer! It makes me so happy to hear that folks are enjoying the embroidery patterns from ye olde Scarlet Tentacle Shoppe. I’m about to start a new tradition of designing one free Scarlet Tentacle-y embroidery pattern […]

Half Naked Pin-Up Girls: Body Image, Mental Illness and Drawing Naked Curvy Ladies

* I’ve been thinking a lot about body image over the last few days: someone on Twitter, I forget who, shared a link to this post in the Guardian, which examines the author’s reactions to a stunningly ill-conceived blog entry by a blogger named Maura Kelly writing for Marie Claire (which can be found here; […]

Half Naked Thursday: Tall Pink Hair Envy

Here is my sketch for this week’s Half Naked Thursday: the story of the sketch is up to you, but I will say that I am quite envious of her tall pink hair. Also, I bet that you can guess where she shops. As far as the drawing goes, I had a lot of fun […]

Event-Things Full of Awesome That You Should Know About

Do you ever get that feeling that there is SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF to do ALL AT ONCE that you have to lie in bed with the covers pulled up and a cat purring on your chest in order to process it all? Just me? OK. Still: There are amazing things in to do in […]

Work In Progress Wednesday: Now With More Gayelle

Today’s Work In Progress: a checklist full of deadlines, sketches (Hemmingway likes his polydactyl cats, FYI), a new embroidery colorway to play with for Spring and some simple vector portraits of porn stars I’m either going to turn into a coloring book, embroidery patterns or something else entirely. Not pictured: my utter inability to focus […]

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2011, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love #SEAF2011

Like most of the things I sign up for or volunteer to do, I had no idea what to expect from the 2011 Seattle Erotic Art Festival: not only was the festival my first proper Art Festival/show, I’m not from Seattle and I had no idea what kind of a queer-kinky-BDSM-sex-positive community exists or how […]

OMG Seattle Photos, Or: Curses, Foiled Again

Woe is me, my working vacation got in the way of my scheduled posting. Hypothetical internet readers, I will make it up to you soon with a plethora of posts and pictures and illustrations and naked ladies — I’ve got pages and pages of chicken-scratch writing and notes, but it is taking me longer than […]

The Evolution of the Giant Bruise of Derby Glory, or, Why I Still Screech When I Sit Down.

The Evolution of the Giant Bruise of Derby Glory, or, Why I Still Screech When I Sit Down. I can’t entirely tell you why I’m documenting this bruise, besides that it is fascinating to watch it grow and turn weird colors… OK, I guess that’s why I’m documenting this bruise and then sharing it with […]

Reminder: 100th Episode of the Crashpad Series Live on Saturday, May 14th

Reminder: The live-streaming of the 100th Episode of the Crashpad Series will happen on Saturday May 14th, 2011 2:30PM PST, and end at 5PM PST. Saturday is the 100th episode of the Crashpad Series! The legendary Nina Hartley and genderqueer superstar Jiz Lee are performing a scene together for two and a half hours and […]

NSFW Shopping on Etsy

I might be the only person on Etsy selling erotic art coloring books, but I’m certainly not the only person sharing erotic and pin-up art: ‘Adults Only’ by ragequitcraft ScarletTentacl… $8.00 thepisforpenis $6.00 Space87 $25.00 culPOPture $75.00 nickandnessies $24.00 reginasstudio $3.95 reginasstudio $3.95 primitiveprint… $5.00 WingsArt $12.00 KimDow $70.00 Whiskey7Art $5.00 ScarletTentacl… $6.00 Treasury tool […]

Half Naked Thursday: Am I A Lion?

Here is my sketch for Half Naked Thursday. One million bonus points to you if you know who originally asked if they were a lion. One of the things that I find lacking in most pin-up girl style illustration is the lack of diversity of bodies, so when I draw naked ladies and/or pin-up girl […]

Work In Progress Wednesday: Now With More Naked Pin Up Girls and Colorful Markers

Wow, has it been a week since I wrote one of these? Where does the time go (into admiring my bruise, probably, actually, and having strangely literal dreams)? Hopefully the second to last set of edits to the illustrations in the second edition of my Dangerous Curves Ahead adult erotic illustration coloring book. I really […]

Things You Should Know About: Late, Late Tuesday Edition

In the course of avoiding sleeping on my giant bruise, I managed to utterly fuck up my entire back and neck so that I can’t particularly turn my head or raise my right arm, so I spent today in a pain-muddled frenzy of trying to get Important Things Done, like shipping my artwork to Seattle […]

Freshmeat Wannabe, Or, Look At My F*ing Bruise!

This weekend marked the beginning of my transformation into a Derby Girl Extraordinaire. In the pursuit of my goal of posting something in this blog at least once a day for the month of May (which I failed at by my definition of success, since it didn’t occur to me to start my attempt until […]

Art of Restraint at Mission Control, April 30th, 2011

First, let me say that if you have an opportunity to attend one of Femina Potens‘ Art of Restraint events, you should run, not walk, to get your tickets. Each scene was truly performance art at its finest. I was able to catch the full performances of Ms. Maggie Mayhem, Dallas Fivestar and Maxine Holloway […]

Half Naked Thursday #1: Next Morning, Or, An Ode to Oversized Button Down Shirts.

I first read about Half-Naked Thursdays a few years back, as a newbie to the sex-positive blogsphere, and though I have yet to find it in me to participate directly by posting my own photos (Hello, body image issues! We are long-time enemies!) (and hello, past bad experiences with privacy), I do want to be […]