Work In Progress Wednesday: Smorgasboard

This week’s work-in-progress:

– Mother’s Day presents for my mother – a terrarium, an embroidered box and a whole bunch of home-baked goods made from Cheese Board recipes – Chocolate Things and Sunday Bread, for those interested).
– Art shipping to Seattle nightmare. Why is the FedEx site so fucking confusing? Why won’t their website let me make an account? Why won’t their website tell me why I can’t make an account? I don’t understand: I want to give them money. They should make that easy.
– Last minute trip planning nightmare, the result of the equation 2 Procrastinators + 2 Months To Make Plans.
– Draft of my World’s Best Boss Pin Up Girl illustration (She’s too blonde and too tan and not naughty secretary enough. Glasses, maybe? But her mug makes me very happy).
– Draft of an illustration I’ve been sending out with orders that I’m now not sure what to do with now that I’ve got super shiny awesome postcards with la Scarlet Femina. I love that it’s all watercolor-y but I’m not sure I still like the (totally inexplicable, except for that I had the song stuck in my head) Beatles reference.
– Another set of adult erotic art coloring book illustrations, in particular a set of portraits featuring My Favorite Pornstars (Hellooo Nina Hartley!).
– Plans to actually attend a SF Girls of Leather meeting and work on becoming a member — that’s the SFGol’s fantastic interpretation of the Leather Pride flag in the center).
– Assorted embroidery pieces, one of which I worked on at last weekend’s Art of Restraint (more on my amazing experience here).
– Stacks and stacks of To-Do Lists. I am addicted to lists.
– Orange laces for good luck at my first practice/skills assessment at BAD’s Reckless Rollers this coming Saturday (more on that next week if I don’t break my brain open) (that’s what helmets and mouth guards are for!) (Oh fuck, I have to mould my mouthguards) (I really should knit a mohawk cover for my helmet. Stylish and distracting!).

Not pictured:
– Copious amounts of #SQUEE that erupted this afternoon, and the corresponding happy dance/sing-a-long moment to NIN’s The Hand That Feeds and then Harvey Danger’s ‘Cream and Bastards’. Because what else says HOORAY better than the lyrics ‘Will you stay down on your knees?’ and ‘Only cream and bastards rise!’
– Extreme letter writing (6 pages and counting! This is the danger of asking me to not only correspond, but to share the Mundane Details of my everyday life. Said details are legion and, like that damn pink bunny, I just keep writing and writing and writing. And going.)
– Starcraft 2 Ownage. Pwnage? I played my second and third games of SC2 against real, live people and won one of them! After a five person free for all game with three platinum- and/or diamond-ranked players, a gold-ranked player and me (I can beat the AI of a medium difficulty computer! Mad pwnage! L33t skillz!) (can you guess who was eliminated from that game first?) (Yeah.), my 3v3 team (that is, despite my best efforts, ranked Silver?) played a game and won! For the swarm!

Also not pictured: plans to post more than once a week! So you should come back and visit more often. Like tomorrow.


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