Half Naked Thursday #1: Next Morning, Or, An Ode to Oversized Button Down Shirts.

I first read about Half-Naked Thursdays a few years back, as a newbie to the sex-positive blogsphere, and though I have yet to find it in me to participate directly by posting my own photos (Hello, body image issues! We are long-time enemies!) (and hello, past bad experiences with privacy), I do want to be a part. Getting other folks to get naked is one of my superpowers (hint: take off your own clothing and other people will do the same!), and HNT has such a great ring to it. Say it a few times, HNT, HNT, Half-naked Thursday!

So: from here on out, I’ll be doing my best to post the Scarlet Tentacle version of Half-Naked Thursdays by posting some of my sketches, both digital and, er, analogue, of HNT-appropriate content.

So, without further ado, here is my contribution to the intertubes and interwebs of Half Naked Thursday: Next Morning, Or, An Ode to Oversized Button Down Shirts. And also to all the ladies out there who rock the short, tousled, bed-head hair. And boobs. Damn.


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