Work In Progress Wednesday: Now With More Naked Pin Up Girls and Colorful Markers

Scarlet Tentacle's Erotic Illustration Coloring Book for Adults

Wow, has it been a week since I wrote one of these? Where does the time go (into admiring my bruise, probably, actually, and having strangely literal dreams)?

Hopefully the second to last set of edits to the illustrations in the second edition of my Dangerous Curves Ahead adult erotic illustration coloring book. I really could have gotten clever with the titling of it, like Hollywood does with their sequel-itis —More Dangerous Curves: Even More Dangerous Than Before! or Dangerous Curves To The Max, Now With More Explosions! — but there is also something satisfying about being able to write ‘Second Edition’ on the cover, a first for me. After this last round of edits it will be time for lots of test printing, swearing, printing, printing, misprinting, folding, swearing, taking some Advil, drinking some tea, procrastinating, then finally hand binding the things together with a thread color as yet to be decided. Oh, and then packing them for shipping.

Not pictured:
I meant to take step-by-step pictures of my long and arduous process of packing my work for shipment to SEAF, but when I finally sat down to do so, the whole thing was pretty painless. I’m somewhat fanatical about keeping Everything Just In Case, so I still had the original packaging American Science and Surplus (no affiliate link, just pure awesome-sauce and full of things you had no idea you needed, like used Russian gas masks. Make sure to turn on the illustration option instead of viewing photos.) packed the shadow boxes in, so I just reinforced that packaging with a few extra layers of bubble wrap, some packaging paper from Ikea and a bunch of those air pocket things that Amazon sends every shipment with. Did I mention that I keep Everything? This was one of those times it actually came in handy, and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Of course, I managed to forget to schedule a pick up of the package — actually, I convinced myself that I had scheduled a pickup for the package, except I’d only done so for an order I’d sent out a few days ago — so not the same thing — so today will be a fun-filled limping song and dance with the post office!

Also not pictured: Mentally mulling over Phaedra Starling’s excellent post on Shapely Prose about the concept of Schrödinger’s Rapist, wondering where my collection of packing peanuts went to, debating whether or not to buy an umbrella and making more and more tea.


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