Half Naked Thursday: Am I A Lion?

Here is my sketch for Half Naked Thursday. One million bonus points to you if you know who originally asked if they were a lion.

One of the things that I find lacking in most pin-up girl style illustration is the lack of diversity of bodies, so when I draw naked ladies and/or pin-up girl style illustrations, I try to make sure that the bodies I’m representing aren’t just the same sized figure every time. All shapes are beautiful, you know? Imperfection is glorious.

Speaking of imperfection… One of the hardest things about doing these sketches is letting go — realizing that this is a sketch, not a finished piece, and if it’s not perfect, that’s OK. Sketch, sketch, sketch. I’m looking at the image right now, wanting to fix and change and tweak and work on a million more things… Maybe next week I’ll try using a timer with a really loud buzzer.


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