OMG Seattle Photos, Or: Curses, Foiled Again

Woe is me, my working vacation got in the way of my scheduled posting. Hypothetical internet readers, I will make it up to you soon with a plethora of posts and pictures and illustrations and naked ladies — I’ve got pages and pages of chicken-scratch writing and notes, but it is taking me longer than I anticipated to decipher what I’ve written and then edit said writing, and it is doubly hard to do this while I am falling asleep at the keyboard.

SO: here are some pictures of Seattle. I spent most of the trip desperately, feverishly hoping to avoid looking remotely like a tourist, which translated into me dressing like I normally do (like a crazy person, with lots of skirts and scarves and earrings and neon colored sweaters, which fits in not so much anywhere) and mostly refusing to take any pictures of anything except our view of the Space Needle from the hotel window and the freaky animatronic dinosaurs from the 1960’s in the Pacific Science Center, a conviction which I am now regretting, because how will I remember what the Five Point Cafe Cock On Duty sign looks like without a photo? SO: enjoy this photo essay and visit again for naked pin-up pirate lady illustrations and writings about selling art and being accused of being an international art thief.

The reason for the trip.

ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS FROM THE 1960’s with paint-by-numbers backdrops and fake palm trees = best ever.

Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA.

Two of many photos of this building-thing. I couldn’t help but take pictures of it from our hotel window, like a giant tourist. It’s just there, this semi-giant-penis-shaped building in sort-of downtown Seattle… It begs for attention and dirty jokes. Also: mountains with snow!

The giant penis-y thing at sunset.

Boarded up building in Discovery Park.

Giant tree with a rope ladder in what might have been the Historic District of Discovery Park in Seattle/Magnolia. Tons of boarded up buildings and cracked pavement.

Flowers and leaves that were growing everywhere in Seattle that I couldn’t identify. Also: guess what plant I did manage to identify by picking it up and carting it around for 20 minutes before it stinging me? Yeah, some variety of stinging nettle! Sweet.


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