Work In Progress Wednesday: First Day of June Rain

Work In Progress Wednesday from Scarlet Tentacle

It’s raining on the first day of June and it is a beautiful day. This week’s work in progress includes: discarded photos from the color printing lab, to-do lists, possible reference photo (except what on earth is she doing with her hand? Is that how Sue C’s it?), poems, notes for a meeting that didn’t happen today, a postcard from Mont St. Michel, a piece of turquoise and a shell because it is the first day of June, some of the tiny succulents I am trying to nurture in an egg cup and the supplies I’m probably going to use to start embroidering last month’s free embroidery pattern.

Not pictured: XXL box of crayons. I can’t find them and I want to play with wax-melting color for the tentacles. Harumph.

Also not pictured: My crazy-sore abs from doing derby-prescribed ab workouts. Murghph. I love it but ow ow ow.


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