Half Naked Thursday: With Even More Gayelle!

Vector Illustration Curvy Pin Up Girl

Today’s Half Naked Thursday sketch comes in honor of Krista of the infinitely readable Effing Dykes. Ever since discovering the wonderfully goodness of Effing Dykes I have been obsessed with the word gayelle. Gayelle! Gayellllle. Say it to yourself a few times – gayelle! I am totally a gayelle!

I’d never heard it before Effing Dykes, and now it got stuck in my brain where it percolated and came out as this sketch. Gayelle! It’s like a gazelle and a gay lady in Paris got together and made a word that requires an exclamation point at the end (unlike bisexual, which, for me at least, is accurate but not nearly as exciting to say) (Gayelle!).

So: it’s Half Naked Thursday and I <3 curvy ladies, the word gayelle and Effing Dykes. This sketch was so much fun! And I managed to get it (mostly) finished in an hour. Hooray!


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