Let’s Dance: Pride 2011

Scarlet Tentacle girls kissing vector illustration They wish we were invisible. We’re not. Let’s dance. So way back at the beginning of May when I was sitting down and plotting a posting schedule of one thing a day for May, June and possibly July, this series was one of the first things I decided I wanted to do: “What happens in June? Pride happens in June! I should do something to celebrate Pride that also gives me an excuse to draw people. Hmm. I want to incorporate portraits and blog posts and a queering of semi-religious iconography and saints…. I know! I’ll write about queer people that are meaningful to me!” Which is, I suppose, a reason enough to do anything: personal meaning. One of the most beautiful things about our community is our ability to define ourselves: our identities, our families, even our histories, in some ways. The people on my list of meaningful figures are folks drawn from my personal history as a queer, bisexual woman, which is going to look completely different than someone else’s list. And I think that is amazing: we don’t have a static timeline of Presidents in office defining our histories, you know? SO: in the interest of dancing and not being invisible, this month I’m going to be going through my own list of queer folks who are meaningful to me, starting with Alan Turing. My goal is to illustrate each post and make an embroidery pattern for each profile, which will be available for free for the length of the posting series (which I’m planning on running through June and most likely July as well); after that I’m going to work on finding a charity to donate sales to. When that gets fully set up I’ll let you know; otherwise enjoy the free embroidery patterns & celebrate Pride!

I’d also like your help, hypothetical internet readers: who should I read about? And which folks are part of your personal history?


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