Half Naked Thursday: Eyepatches & Bouncy Hair Galore

Scarlet Tentacle Pin Up Girl Illustration

Wow, I’ve been completely off on what day of the week it is all week. Oops. Today gets you two posts, how exciting! One for Work In Progress Wednesday on Thursday and another for Half Naked Thursday. Hooray!

So here is a quick sketch for Half Naked Thursday, perhaps the first I’ve actually spent comparatively little time on. This vixen does not have a name, though if she did, she’d need something weirdly perky, like… Mary-Louise or Ananda or Paula, or something.

What else? I really, really like eyepatches, partly because I have to wear one myself on occasion. So long as the eyepatch in question does not have rhinestones on it, it’s quite easy to feel like an evil genius while one, which is a good feeling.

This sketch started out as an attempt to draw a sexy pirate wench for a dear friend as an apology for not being able to watch the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with him at a midnight opening, but somehow I couldn’t get the sketch to turn pirate-y. So she ended up celebrating Half Naked Thursday with some Han Solo style pants, an eyepatch and really really really bouncy… hair. There are worse fates in the galaxy, I suppose.


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