Work In Progress Wednesday on Thursday: More Suggestive Vaginas

Kira Scarlet Work In Progress

I’ve spent all of this week completely and utterly discombobulated about what day it actually is. As I write this, the calendar is telling me that it is indeed Thursday, June 9th; my internal sense of time is clamouring that today feels like a Tuesday. Oh well. Work in Progress Wednesday is on Thursday this week.

SO: Personal history projects, more random vamypre ladies, upcoming bout this weekend, more and more pins for summer craft shows, a finger puppet, a portrait and some new fabric to play with.

Not pictured: seemingly endless amount of time spent trying to navigate insurance web page in an effort to try and figure out what the insurance will and will not cover. God damn. I know healthcare is intentionally labyrinthine but this site takes it to a whole new level.

fabric covered in vaginas

ALSO: is this fabric covered in vaginas or what?

I’d really like to shake the hand of whoever was responsible for sending this gem out into the market.


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