Work In Progress: Post-Thursday-Night Whisky-A-Thon

Pin Up Girl Illustration Work in Progress

Oh, Friday. Here is a a drawing that is a work in progress; I’m mostly sure that those bars of color are not permanently part of the image. I do not yet enjoy figuring out color palettes, though I do enjoy making unnecessary blends in Illustrator: mmm, shiny.

Also: congratulations, New York queer folks! The NY Senate just voted to legalize same sex marriage! Now if only California could pull its head out of its ass and do the same, again (oh and also fix the school system, the budget and make corporations exempt from Prop 13, kthnx).

Also, note to self: no more Starcraft 2 LAN-parties and/or whisky-a-thons on Thursday nights/very early Friday mornings.


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