Summer Colors: Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday! Hooray! This last week or so has been such a clusterfuck of BLARGH that I’m just pleased with myself for managing to connect to the internet. Regular updates full of naked sketchy goodness & naughty embroidery will resume tomorrow. I’ll even have a Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace update to share, which hopefully will quell some of my lingering “what if the universe believes that I do not exist!” fears.

Pictured, in Summer Colors: New books from Urban Ore (Erica Jong’s At The Edge of the Body is particularly intriguing to me at the moment, though most likely I will re-read my new copy of Interview with the Vampire so I can read my new copy of The Vampire Lestat); some comics I am borrowing (Michelle Tea’s Rent Girl, which I devoured last night, as well as Warren Ellis’ Ignition City); more drafts of drawings; tea; a geranium clipping that is refusing to sprout; an older embroidery pattern I have been meaning to tweak and re-use in a different context; tea, always tea; a small collection of plastic things that are made of shiny colors; lucky orange laces I need to put into my skates; and a copy of Nylon, which has a surprising number of illustrations.

Not pictured in today’s Work In Progress: Katamari Damacy, which wins all my awards for trippiest game design landscape ever. My, earth is full of things, isn’t it? It also wins all the awards for most inadvertently gay King Of All Cosmos & the royal rainbow. Or hell, maybe it is totally intentional, which means it gets more awesome points.

Also not pictured here, but now on my Tumblr: Instagram! I spent waaay too much time today playing with filters and enjoying the new perspective the square frame forces one to utilize. I’m so new to using it that I haven’t figured out how to share links to my photos, so just go visit said tumblr for my photos and other exciting things.


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