Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace: July, 2011

Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace: I'm real!

Holy cow, it’s a new (sub)header! Also: July! There is so much stuff going on that I am going to, and it would be awesome to meet you at some of these events, hypothetical internet reader, and to further provide proof that I am indeed a real person. Please be prepared for my ridiculous awkwardness.

In no particular order: OMG, Scarlet Tentacle in July, 2011

  • July 24th, 2011, from noon to 4pm: Art Party & Skillshare for Lyon Martin Health Clinic

    Femina Potens explains the workshop in their press release thingy:

    From Femina Potens: Art Party and Skill Share for Lyon Martin Health Clinic! Join Femina Potens for an Art Making Party and Artist Skill Share with local artists Suzanne Forbes and Kira Scarlet [ETA: Y’ALL, THAT IS ME!] who will be leading presentations in drawing, needle point and creating visual works of art with the type written word. Afterward join us for a potluck lunch, community artist panel on how to create health awareness in the queer, women and trans communities with art, and live art making in the garden. All art works made at the Art Party will benefit Lyon – Martin Health Clinic.

    I cannot convey how excited I am to be involved with this project — if you aren’t familiar with Lyon Martin Health Services, please do take a moment to familiarize yourself with the critical services they provide to the Bay Area community. From Lyon-Martin:

    Lyon-Martin Health Services is a non-profit health clinic in San Francisco where we provide primary and preventive healthcare services to almost 2500 patients annually. Currently, 29% of our patients are people of color; 17% are transgender and 42% self-identify as queer; 84% live below 200% of the federal poverty level and 17% are homeless. We are looking for a dynamic member of one of the many communities that we serve to step up and join our team. The ideal candidate understands that treating our patients with dignity, respect, and compassion isn’t just lip service; it is the way and reason that we run our organization. Lyon-Martin Health Services provides excellent health care to women and transgender people in a safe and compassionate environment with sensitivity to sexual and gender identity; Services are provided regardless of ability to pay.

    Right?! Also, Suzanne Forbes, who is a rockstar and a really lovely person that I have had the pleasure of meeting at severalThin Line Between Art & Sex events, will also be conducting the skillshare/artmaking/party, which means that you should definitely come. Her artwork is beautiful, and she is unbelievably talented. Tickets to the art party are $10.00 and you can get them here. The workshop is being held at Tall Tree Tambo, which is located in San Francisco at 776 Haight Street.

  • July 23rd, 2011, 3pm to at least 7pm: Bay Area Derby Girls Black & White Scrimmage!

    The Bay Area Derby Girls present anotherBlack & White Scrimmage! If you have passed your minimum skills, you can RSVP here. Skaters are asked to bring a black shirt and a white shirt and will be divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced groups. All the ladies I spoke to at the last scrimmage were super stoked about the experience, since several advanced skaters played with the beginning & intermediate groups

    Sadly this scrimmage is not open to the public, so if you are not a derby girl, you’ll need to come to the BAD League Championship game on July 9th (more on that later in this post), or come to the three day roller derby madness Golden Bowl on August 12-14 and see the B.A.D. All-Stars, the Windy City Rollers All-Stars, the Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners and the Detroit Derby Girls All-Stars kick some ass.

  • July 14-16th, 2011: Fabulosa Fest!
    I decided that Walker Creek and ladies in bikinis were too tempting to stay away from and am vending at Fabulosa Fest again this year! All proceeds from the festival go to LGBTQ charities that serve youth in Norther California, so when you are sitting around a campfire surrounded by ladies in camping wear you can be sure that you are Doing Good. Everybody wins!

    Tickets for Fabulosa Fest are available for a slightly discounted rate online until July 7th, so get them while you can! Tickets will also be available at the gate for folks like me who can’t not miss a deadline.

  • July 31st, 2011, from 5pm to 7pm: Salacious Magazine Launch Party!
    Salacious Magazine will be launching in the Bay Area at Good Vibes Valencia St. location. There will be wine and cheese and queer smut, plus eco-rotic sex toys. A good time will be had. Also, by this last day in July I anticipate having a permanent, shell-shocked expression on my face due to the constant socializing that this month has ended up filled with.

    From Salacious Magazine:

    Salacious #2 wine and cheese happy hour launch! Join SALACIOUS Magazine and Good Vibrations as we celebrate “SALACIOUS #2: Voyeurism,” the magazine’s sophomore debut. Expanding on its core values of presenting queer, feminist, anti-racist sex art and literature, SALACIOUS Issue #2 presents work on the theme of Voyeurism. Sweet music, snacks, drinks, and sexy schmoozing amongst sexy local toys! Magazines go for a PARTY-ONLY rate of $15.


  • July 9th, 2011, from 6pm to 11pm: B.ay A.rea Derby Girls Championship!

    The 2011 BAD League championships are here and the undefeated Richmond Wrecking Belles will go up against the upstart Berkeley Resistance! There will be beer, derby girls, screaming fans, suicide seats, new BAD merchandise (I am so excited about this and I am trying not to feel weird about how excited I am to buy a sweatshirt or a shirt or something) and derby! The bout is at the Craneway Pavilion, which is a gorgeous venue with an unbeatable view of the bay. Tickets are $15.00 cash at the door and $13.00 pre-sale. If you sign up for the BAD newsletter or Like them on Facebook you can get a discount code for tickets, which is nice. Also! Volunteers are always needed, so if you are not a creeper and like helping, you can volunteer and get into the bout for free! Hooray! Sign up to volunteer here.

  • The Internet: Virtual gallery from the 2011 Seattle Erotic Art Festival!

    The gallery sharing the 2011 Seattle Erotica Art Festival artwork is awesome: not only can you see photos of all of the artwork, you can easily see the name of the artist and the title of the art. Each time I see photos from the show I am honored all over again to have had my work included among such talented artists. If I get a chance I will edit my original post about the festival with links to each piece instead of guessing who made what, but in the mean time, go forth and browse the erotic art.

    Also, note to self: take a better fucking picture of your work next time, eh? Or find someone who knows how to minimize reflections from glass better than you do. Geez.


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