Half Naked Thursday On Friday: this is really happening.

Scarlet Tentacle half naked thursday pin up girl vector illustration

So. Apparently I lasted about a month and a half before letting down my grand, one-post-a-day blogging capacity, as this post is debuting on Friday, rather than said naked Thursday. Oh well. I don’t have much of an excuse, besides that once one gets behind on posting, it is harder to catch up than it is to simply let things keep sliding. Well, that and playing “one quick game” of Starcraft II that turns into ten not so quick games of SC2 is much more immediately gratifying than mucking about with the internet.

So! Here is a Half Naked Thursday sketch that was inspired by the weird poses that bra models take as well as the Radiohead songs I’ve had stuck in my head for the last few days. I’ve been enjoying adding textural elements to my sketches lately, so, for what was supposed to be a quick sketch, this piece turned into quite the convoluted process: draw in pencil, ink in pen, scan into computer, work Illustrator magic to turn into vector drawing, clean up vector drawing, print the illustration, draw some text and crinkle the illustration paper, then scan the whole thing again. What can I say? Sometimes the pen tool gets a little sterile and my concept-art-loving self needs to get in there and make an unnecessarily convoluted tactile art-making process.


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