SFgoL Leather girl Pride!

San Francisco girls of Leather illustration leatherwoman pride

So I’m about a week and a half late posting about this, given that this issue was on newsstands last Wednesday, but hey, better late than never: the San Francisco girls of Leather (lowercase ‘g’ out of respect for leather traditions, please) were featured on the cover of the San Francisco Bay Guardian!

It’s been my experience that mainstream publications often have issues with giving sex and subcultures fair, non-judgemental representation, so it was an incredibly pleasant surprise to read this article, which was positive and respectful. As SFgoL is a group I’ve been honored to be a small part of (so far I’ve been utterly incapable of getting to San Francisco for much of anything, including business meetings, though hopefully that will change in August), and I can attest to the adorably girly and welcoming energy that is part of SFgoL events. My only issue with the article was a general lack of context for many of the items mentioned in the article — for example, the post mentions International Ms. Leather, but does not explain or return to exactly what IMsL is, creating an opportunity for many readers to be confused and perhaps stop reading. However, it is clearly a very well-researched article, and given that it was originally intended to run as a blog post rather than as a front-page article (or do please correct me if I’m mistaken about that), it may be that some information had to go to fit print requirements. I’m also inclined to ignore any and all omissions from the article because of the sheer adorableness of the feature images, particularly those of covergirls Leland and Kate.

So! A hearty thank you to the Bay Guardian for running such a respectful article about the community; hopefully the article can function as an invitation to learn more about both SFgoL as well as the rich history & present efforts of the Leather & BDSM communities — I know it has for me.

More Resources:

About the drawing, because this is ostensibly a blog about my doodles/art/illustration/etc: the lone leatherwoman flagging Purple, Fushia, Red, and Grey on her left side, and Gold and Light Pink on her right side, if you were wondering. The background is roughly inspired by the Leather girl pride flag.

I started this as a quick illustration for this post and the illustration turned into a giant headache whose layout and color scheme I am not remotely satisfied with because me? Do a quick sketch of something and leave it at that? No, better spent too much time on something and still not be satisfied with it and then stick it up on the internet anyway. Yes. But: here is a draft of it, because, despite finding the layout terrible and difficult, I have lots of leathergirl love & pride, and today is Friday.

Also! I’m working on a series of embroideries based on the handkerchief code, and have been having a hard time finding appropriately colored handkerchiefs. Any suggestions on where to purchase some, preferably online, would be super appreciated!


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