Hooray, no cancer here!

pin up girl illustration by kira scarlet scarlet tentacle

So: due to a persistent case of phantom boob pain and some lumpy bits, I had to have a mammogram earlier this week. Luckily the results came back all clear and I won’t have to declare war on any extra-boobular substances in my tits. Hooray, no cancer here! So I’ve repurposed a sketchy draft of a drawing I’m in the process of finishing for another excellent project to celebrate the test results. Because what celebrates a lack of cancer, lumps or foreign matter in my boobs than a pin-up illustration?

Also! Don’t forget: this coming weekend is Fabulosa Fest and I will be vending on Sunday and most likely Saturday as well! If you’re somewhere in Northern California and like ladies, the outdoors and more ladies, Fabulosa Fest will make you quite happy. If you do decide to come, say hi! I’ll be in my booth, slathering on suntan lotion and embroidering naughty things.


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