Scarlet Tentacle Shop Update: Mid-July Madness

New in the Scarlet Tentacle shop!

Burlesque Erotic Art Coloring Book for Adults

14 Burlesque Beauties for you to color however you like! (You could also use them as a pattern book for hand embroidery patterns, which folks have done with my coloring books in the past. Some of the drawings from the book will also be available as stand-alone .PDF patterns).

I had SO much fun with the designs for this book of burlesque dancers. The details that make up the glitter and the glamour of burlesque — the sequin encrusted costumes, the hats, the elbow length opera gloves, the garters and thigh high stockings and the corsets and the pasties and the tassels — are so much fun to imagine and draw. There were so many designs that couldn’t make it into this first book — apparently 14 pages is the limit my thumb can handle pushing a needle through; I bound a bunch of these books last night and my right, needle-wielding thumb is bruised to hell underneath the nail, somehow — that I foresee a second edition of more drawings and patterns if this one goes over well.

Sofa King Lovely an erotic pin up illustration

I really, truly can’t resist a bad pun. This piece started out as a gift and make-up present for a friend. I’m not entirely sure how well received it was — apparently there was some confusion about whether or not the figure was intended to be a mutual friend as a gesture of spite, which is certainly not the case.

Like the last illustration I made available in my shop, I got lost in the details of this piece: the wooden details of the sofa, the design of the rug, the textural elements of the carpet and the walls. The half-naked pin up girl is pretty much the last thing I look at when studying this piece, which should tell you more or less how much time I spend around naked women. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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