One of Those Days, Weeks: Happy Friday and Half Naked Thursday

vector drawing kira scarlet

Happy Friday! As usual, the vaguely summer weather brought out the extraordinarily loud shouting in our neighborhood – especially the violent-angry-shouting-should-we-call-the-cops-shouting from the couple from two doors down – along with the people driving around with loud-engined cars that set off car alarms at 3am and the scream-playing kinds running amok next door. Logically I know that all the noise has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I nevertheless want to crawl under the desk/bed/small-dark-enclosed-space-with-pillows-and-blankets/maybe-I-should-make-a-blanket-fort! and hide until the shouting is gone.

So! Here is another day-late Half Naked Thursday sketch. This was a fun, very quick drawing that started life as a sketch for another project and was drafted into use for HNT-sketch material when I woke up this morning and realised I’d again forgotten to post an illustrated naked lady on Thursday.

I’ve been up to my neck with taking care of my poor, be-stitched puppy and with preparations for the skillshare and art party for Femina Potens this Sunday! If you’re in the Bay Area and want to support community healthcare and learn about embroidery and art and spend some time with awesome folks, you should get a ticket (which are free if you’re under 23 or if you are a healthcare provider!).


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