Wednesday Progress: Vagina Dentata!

So today is Wednesday, and here is a picture of a mostly not-in-progress embroidered vagina dentata. Originally created as an illustrated-ish submission for the Sci-Fit themed third issue of Salacious Magazine — as a queer-identified artist I find the idea of vagina dentatas alluring, dangerous, otherworldly and strangely sexy, so — this embroidered vagina dentata […]

Work In Progress Not On Wednesday Update

So! It’s not Wednesday, but here are some photos of some recent work-in-progress pieces, some of which have been finished since these photographs. I have been a busy bee this past week and am particularly pleased with the progress I’ve made today with the vagina dentata, pictured directly above in its super-extra-bright-magenta-glory, which may or […]

Kira Scarlet, Femina Potens, Queer Health & Lyon-Martin

So. Hello! This has not been my week for posting blog things particularly productively, but it has been my week for some epically productive embroidery work! Which is particularly fortuitous productivity, given that the show I was madly embroidering for is being hung tomorrow. I am so happy with how these pieces came out and […]

Early Morning/Late Night BDSM Embroidery Update

So! I spent an inordinate amount of time working on my submittal package for an art show only to find that I’d missed the deadline in one of the most frustrating forms of missing a deadline ever: bad planning and the US Mail Service. (That sentence makes very little sense until you get to the […]