Work In Progress Not On Wednesday Update

Embroidered Vagina Dentata In Progress from Scarlet Tentacle

So! It’s not Wednesday, but here are some photos of some recent work-in-progress pieces, some of which have been finished since these photographs. I have been a busy bee this past week and am particularly pleased with the progress I’ve made today with the vagina dentata, pictured directly above in its super-extra-bright-magenta-glory, which may or may not be submitted to Salacious Magazine for the sci-fi-themed issue, depending on whether or not I decide if a vagina dentata is sex positive to me or not.

Enjoy the thread-y, unfinished goodness and please do hope that by the time you read this, my fingers have not fallen off from all of this embroidering.

Anatomical Heart Embroidery from Scarlet Tentacle
The unfinished back to one of my redwork embroidery pieces for Lyon Martin & Femina Potens.

Tons of Naughty Embroidery In Progress from Scarlet Tentacle
A bunch of pieces in progress that were intended for an art fair thing application whose deadline I missed.

Accidentally Threatening Scissors and Embroidery In Progress from Scarlet Tentacle
And a close up of another redwork piece I’ve been working on for ages. The threateningly placed scissors were totally unintentional — I put them down, pleased that they fit so well into that space, and then realized later what they might be snipping off. Oops.


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