Scarlet Tentacle online shop Summer update

Have you visited ye olde Scarlet Tentacle online shop recently?

You’ll find loveingly & audaciously handmade goods like:

My re-vamped Girls, Bikes adult coloring book. I re-designed the cover to be 20% more awesome (which, at Renegade last weekend, turned it into my most popular coloring book for adults. Hooray for judging books by their covers!) and added several new coloring pages of hipster/pin-up/heartbreaking/body-positive girls on bikes.

Speaking of erotic art coloring books for adults: after many months of doodling, I now offer a Bettie Page coloring book: Queen of Pin-Ups. It features 14 pages of infamous Bettie Page goodness for you to color and enjoy.

Speaking of Scarlet Tentacle products that are long overdue online, I’ve added all my art prints I’ve been offering at in-person shows to my online shop, including this print that’s perfect for bike sluts, an illustration for fellow fierce femmes, several prints featuring several of my favorite dirty words and some more figurative drawings as well.

Also: stickers with all kinds of swear words & bad attitude! Y’all, I fucking love stickers, and if no one ever buys another sticker from me ever again I won’t despair because I’ll have all the stickers and cover all the trapper-keepers and notebooks in the land with my sticker collection.

I’m just a crazy sticker lady, aren’t I.

Anyway! Stickers with dirty words, stickers in the shape of award medals, stickers as far as the eye can see!

And last but certainly not least: coloring book greeting cards. Awesome, right? I turned my favorite and most popular embroidery patterns and coloring book images into a bevy of customizable greeting gards and woah did they sell like hotcakes at last weekend’s Renegade. Now they’re online for you!

These snarky beauties come with their own set of four crayons so you can either start coloring them yourself right away or you can send them off as a gift for someone else to enjoy coloring. The insides of each card are blank so you can add your own message – for instance, I believe, say, this card would make an excellent Thinking-Of-You-Sorry-You-Got-Dumped-There-Are-Other-Fish-In-The-Sea card, but maybe it says Get Well Soon to you. You do you, yeah?

You can see the full range of coloring book greeting cards here.

Also, also: I’d be remiss in reminding you that my embroidered vagina pieces are still available. The prices have gone up over time, it’s true, but that’s because each of these beauties takes at least seven hours of concentrated work and is actually somewhat physically exhausting to create, what with my repetitive stress injury in my hands from too much embroidery. Each embroidered vagina art piece is made with love, lots and lots of time and a lot of fun and if you wish it, can also be crafted in a color set of your choice.

So! Knock yourself out with all of the feminist-y & femme-y queer art goodness and please do let me know if you have any product requests, either something general like: I wish you’d make another Beefcake coloring book or Can you make the Bike Slut available as a 11×17 inch print? or ideas for just-for-you special commissions, get in touch with me! I’ve done everything from custom prints to custom embroidery patterns to custom embroidered illustrations of a blowjob, so if you have an idea, no matter how crazy, don’t be afraid to ask.

Bonus: Scarlet Tentacle is on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, so pick your poison and keep in touch with all my goings on and mad colletions of gorgeous images that inspire my work.

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