Work In Progress & National Coming Out Day

Scarlet Tentacle Embroidered Vaginas Work In Progress October 2012
Here’s a quick peek into my current to-do list of orders & projects: vaginas. Lots and lots of embroidered vaginas (Which, sidenote, are available for purchase in ye olde Scarlet Tentacle online shop! If you’re interested in a hand embroidered vagina for the holidays, please do consider ordering ahead of time, because these fancy vulvas require at least two weeks of hard work!) (Har har?).

Also, did you know that today is (was) National Coming Out Day? It is! Here’s to the strength & bravery of coming out of the closet & sharing our truths. And, related, if you didn’t know already, I’m queer as fuck.

Scarlet Tentacle erotic illustration roller derby - National Coming Out Day

Also, this illustration seemed appropriate, considering.

Also, also: Speaking of coming out stories, someday I’ll find the time to write a whole damn essay about the 10 complicated years or so I’ve been out, but for now, this lovely essay by Stef on Autostraddle will have to do: Coming Out As An Amorphous Weirdo.


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