It’s never too early to plan ahead.

Buy cool shit!

1. Are you in the Bay Area and do you or someone(s) you know like crafts, locally produced gifts and hipsters? Of course you do! Get out your calendars & mark off December 15th and 16th for the annual Renegade Handmade Holiday Fair at the San Francisco Concourse. Though it might be a bit early for you to be making plans for December, as far as I’m concerned, Renegade is around the damn corner. I will remind you with alarming frequency when this is coming up sooner, so.

2. Holy crap Hurricane Sandy.

3. Are you on Pinterest? I am. Like, all the damn time. If you enjoy illustration, sexy ladies, fluffy plants, unattainable interior decorations, textiles, collections of underwater photos, my artwork or some combination of all of those, you will enjoy following me there, too.

4. Ahoy-hoy! Ye Olde Scarlet Tentacle shop has some new products — namely a new embroidery pattern featuring a bad-ass roller derby girl and a bunch of new pattern options for my pillowcase embroidery kits.

5. Are you a retailer who enjoys my work? My 2012 Fall/Winter line sheet is now available. More details available here.

6. This playlist is my most recent of jams. Or rather, the songs on this list are making up my most recent playlist? I like, sort them, and stuff? Have I mentioned that I’m a Grooveshark luddite?


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