Ride a Cowboy – new adult coloring book

Yeehaw! Ride a Cowboy, the newest Scarlet Tentacle coloring book for adults, is available for purchase just in time for the holidays! The second coloring book after Beefcake! in the Scarlet Tentacle coloring books for adults line to feature men instead of pin-up women, Ride a Cowboy was actually inspired by a relative of mine who […]

Happy Things for November

1. This month has started with some rather dramatic ups-and-downs resulting in a rather severe sense of discombobulation, so I’m taking a moment to slow down & appreciate some details that make me smile. Some things that are making me happy so far in November: new polka-dot socks, an incredibly informative book about woodworking, my […]

My feelings about the Giants winning the 2012 World Series

After the Giants broke my heart in the 2002 World Series I decided with all the passion of a 16-year-old to not care about baseball ever again.  EVER AGAIN. However, the wild shouts of my neighbors during the Giants crazy come-back in the baseball series thingy before the 2012 World Series revved up a bit […]