Happy Things for November

1. This month has started with some rather dramatic ups-and-downs resulting in a rather severe sense of discombobulation, so I’m taking a moment to slow down & appreciate some details that make me smile. Some things that are making me happy so far in November: new polka-dot socks, an incredibly informative book about woodworking, my favorite book about corvids and my analogue drawing tools.

2. Isn’t this story about NOC the beluga whale & corresponding soundfile the most amazing ever? I need to make it my ringtone post-haste because that adorable song fills me with joy each time I hear it.

3. Where the hell did October go? It feels like just yesterday that I was designing Halloween party invitations & celebrating Orange October/sporting pandas.

4. Most excellent: Megan Rapinoe of the Olympic Gold Medal winning USWNT is on the cover of some kind of major soccer equipment catalogue that landed in my mailbox. Hooray for out queer athletes being visible in the media! Also pictured: the best present ever.

5. What about you, internet? How are you? What is making you happy so far in November?


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