adieu 2012, bonjour 2013

2012, what can I possibly say?

Yosemite Mist Trail

The view from the top of the Yosemite Mist Trail in March 2012

2012 brought a bunch of wonderful people & experiences into my life — Lesbian mountain camp! Ships in the Night! Renegade Handmade & Indie Mart! A singing beluga whale named NOC! Wholesale orders! Delivery sushi that you can order without having to make a phone call! Trips with friends to Yosemite and Mendocino! Lots of much-needed rain! New job opportunities & experiences! Carpentry projects! Absurd haircuts! — and so I’ll miss you remember you fondly, but I have high hopes for what changes & new experiences 2013 will bring — new hikes, new vistas, new friends, deepening connections with the wonderful people in my life now, learning tai chi, rock climbing & more yoga, more running and perhaps a chance to go back to skating roller derby.

I mustache you a question

I mustache you a question…

In the Scarlet Tentacle shop, 2012 brought a new coloring book — Cowboys, yee-haw! — along with three giant retro posters, a new line of greeting cards (coloring book cards!) and some rather foul-mouthed stickers. For 2013 there’s going to be even more fun stuff — more coloring books for adults (zombies, roller derby, crazy cat ladies), more embroidered art, more posters, beer coozies, new shows in different locations (hello, Chicago!) and more. I can’t wait to start showing you everything I’ve been working on.

Self-satisfying shelves

Self-satisfying shelves

Also, thank you so much to all the folks who came out to visit my booth at shows like Renegade Handmade in San Francisco, and to all the folks who visited my online shop! Your enjoyment of my work made 2012 a truly special year for me.

What about you? What were the highlights of 2012 and what are your hopes for the new year?

(PS: are we friends on all the networks? Let’s be friends on all the networks. Scarlet Tentacle on Facebook; Scarlet Tentacle on Pinterest; Scarlet Tentacle on Tumblr; Scarlet Tentacle on Twitter; and NEW! Scarlet Tentacle on Model Mayhem)


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