19 Unabashedly Sexual Pieces Of Needlepoint You Can Own – Buzzfeed

Heyyyy, my erotic embroidery is on Buzzfeed! Number 9, that’s my embroidery, my unabashedly sexual, Georgia O’Keefe-esque embroidery. I can’t wait to read all the angry comments about how terrible my embroidery is! Advertisements

Scarlet Tentacle x Bay Area Derby Girls Season Opener

Grab your beer coozies & your suicide seats because Scarlet Tentacle will be vending at the Bay Area Derby Girls season opener on March 2nd at 6pm at the gorgeous Craneway Pavilion in Richmond! ¬†Come say hi & watch the Richmond Wrecking Belles go head to head with the ShEvil Dead. Need more of a […]

WIP Wednesday: blah blah blah

I like drawing skulls, OK? This Wednesday’s actual work-in-progress: I’m taking a class about rock poster design and the project I’m working on is for an upcoming BRMC gig at the Fillmore. This is a super-duper rough draft of the design, which is referencing BRMC’s upcoming album, Specter at the Feast, which in turn is […]

What I’m reading this week: Martha Stewart’s Modeling Days, the costs of DIY and more

An article that reminds me why Autostraddle is my favorite place on the internet: When will the US Abolish Cruel, Unusual & Inhumane Solitary Confinement?¬† Mojie Crigler interviews poet Jill McDonough, my new inspiration, for the Rumpus. Just Hit Send: a lesson for 2013. How do you afford your DIY lifestyle? Seriously, how? Are you […]

happy day after Valentine’s Day!

Happy day after Valentine’s Day! I almost made it through this year’s Valentine’s Day without doing anything to observe the holiday or feeling like I had to do something to celebrate it… until a lovely lady sent me a delightfully dirty Valentine and I felt like I should reciprocate in kind with a quick sketch. […]