Scarlet Tentacle x Bay Area Derby Girls Season Opener


Grab your beer coozies & your suicide seats because Scarlet Tentacle will be vending at the Bay Area Derby Girls season opener on March 2nd at 6pm at the gorgeous Craneway Pavilion in Richmond!  Come say hi & watch the Richmond Wrecking Belles go head to head with the ShEvil Dead.

Need more of a reason to go? Here’s what BADGirls says about the game:

Both times these two teams met in the 2012 season, the difference in score was a mere four points.

On May 12, 2012, San Francisco beat Richmond 90 to 86. During the B.A.D. Championship bout on August 4, 2012, Richmond bested San Francisco 145 to 141. Both teams have been working hard during the off-season to return to the track in peak condition, and both teams have picked up new players to add to their already formidable rosters.

This is sure to be an exciting game to kickoff the season!

As someone who was at both of those games I can confirm: they were nail-biters and so much fun to watch.

Will this be your first flat track derby game? Some helpful hints:

Buy your tickets in advance by at Thursday, February 28th at the latest. They’re cheaper if you pre-buy and you’ll be guaranteed entry to the bout in the event that tickets sell out the day of.

Get to the bout when doors open! You’ll get better seats (suicide seats?! Nothing says bad-ass like a derby girl careening into your lap), better parking, more beer and an hour and a half of social time with fellow derby fans before the bout.

Bring cash for beer. You’ll want beer, and the bar is cash-only.

Confused about what’s happening on the track? Gotham Girls has (have?) the best explanation of flat track derby rules  in layman’s terms (as opposed to the super technical WFTDA rule-set, which makes my eyes bleed).

If you can’t make it to Craneway Pavilion this Saturday, you can still get in on the derby action: the bout will be streaming live on BADtv.

And if you love derby humor and need a laugh, check out Derby Girl Problems.

Also, also, also: if you’re interested in playing derby as well as watching it, I can’t recommend Reckless Rollers enough — the BADGirls recreation, beginner league. Sign ups for new skaters are on the first Saturday (and/or Sunday) of each month, which means that March sign-ups are on this Saturday, March 2nd at 1:00pm at the Oakland practice space.

RR is currently every Saturday from 1:30PM – 300PM and Sunday night from 6:00PM – 7:30PM . You can learn more about signing up for Reckless Rollers on Facebook.


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