Derby Girls – a pin-up girl coloring book for adults

Derby Girls coloring book - Scarlet Tenatcle

Derby Girls coloring book - Scarlet Tenatcle

Derby Girls coloring book - Scarlet Tenatcle

Derby Girls coloring book - Scarlet Tenatcle

New in the Scarlet Tentacle shop: Derby Girls, a pin-up coloring book for adults! Fourteen pages of roller derby pin-ups for you to color and enjoy any way you like.

The coloring book pays tribute to, among other things, the spirit of DIY and body positivity that I found so refreshing about roller derby and I’m so happy with the way this coloring book for adults came together — this flat track derby tribute has been a long time in coming together, starting when I joined Reckless Rollers a few years ago.

The first edition of the Scarlet Tentacle coloring book debuted at BAD Girls season opener of the ShEvil Dead vs. the Richmond Wrecking Belles (congratulations ShEvil for their win against Richmond, 158 – 119!) and it was so much fun to see and hear how much the skaters who stopped by my booth enjoyed the coloring book.

And since it’s a question I wasasked a lot: no, none of the drawings are based on a specific skater. I take a HUGE amount of reference photos using friends and the handy self-timer on my camera (which becomes much, much harder to use when wearing quad skates and pads inside on a rug) and draw from there. My goal is for each derby girl drawing to have a unique personality that reflects the diversity & bad assery of the sport, and while I’d love to do a follow-up coloring book based on specific skaters (any leagues out there want to coordinate on a league-specific coloring book?), the skaters in Derby Girls are fictional ladies, and any resemblance to real skaters is unintentional.

Other highlights of the bout, aside from the debut of this coloring book: hearing the announcers talk up Reckless a bunch of times; the 5 or so skaters who were bouting for the first time who started in Reckless; eating Donna’s Tamales the moment the booth was open for business; the incredible view of the entire Bay Area from the Craneway; having a working phone so I could take blurry photos of the pre-bout & share said derby photos on Instagram; the folks who came and talked to me, enjoyed my work and assumed that Scarlet Tentacle is some kind of a huge brand & operation — nope, it’s just me!; and of course, the joy of being around the energy of a derby game again. If you’ve never come to a derby bout before, do try to make that happen, perhaps at the Oakland Outlaws vs. the Berkeley Resistance game at the Oakland Convention Center on April 27th.

Also, before I forget: there are new derby-themed coloring book cards (including a card for the derby folks in your life who like to win after parties) along with a few new non-derby coloring book greeting cards!

roller derby greeting cards from Scarlet Tentacle

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