Hello, Internet: Scarlet Tentacle in the wild

On days that I am feeling particularly invulnerable to angry comments on the internet, I utilize a great tool called the Google (have you heard of it?) and do a reverse image search to find where my images have ended up on the internet. It’s not a fool-proof method for finding uncredited work, but it often nets fascinating information about where my images have ended up on the internet that regular web analytics can’t track.

Today’s investigation netted so many entertaining results that I thought I’d share.

Exhibit one: Bacu Hem, some kind of forum in Russia


Originally written in Russian (or in Belarussian, as Google Translate suggested as I was copy+pasting the comments), the site posted almost all of the product images I use on Etsy for my coloring books for adults.

The full, Google-translated description from Vasi.Net:

Buddy with the intriguing nickname ScarletTentacle, selling a series of amazing coloring for adults. These publications rating 18 +. Colorize you offer sexy half-naked bodies of cowboys, gardeners, athletes and busty maids. That is, you can buy an option, both male and female. They are made in a standard graphic style colorings, only objects like images taken from the pages of erotic magazines. Girls are real pin-up style, and men – thoroughbred and deliberately brutal. Sexuality in general is off scale. And the coloring is so much more interesting than the same Playboy. Here you can work not only in the hands of vulgar sense :)

Due to the hilarity that ensues when Google Translate gets involved in any translations ever, I can’t tell if the original post about my work is angry, complimentary, sarcastic or some unknown combination of the all of those. Unless someone can translate the original description, I’m going to pretend that all of these folks are WILDLY, non-sarcastically ENTHUSIASTIC about my work.


Above we have the translation of one of the comments on the article. Something about pencils vs. penis and their correct method of application. I’m going to interpret the comment to mean: I love these drawings so much I can’t decide whether I want to whip out my coloring pencil set or my penis. Which is clearly the most reasonable interpretation.

Above: a World of  Warcraft reference AND a masturbation joke? Be still my heart!

not combed arms

And my favorite comment after I figured how to enable Google Translate right there on the forum page so I could get a screencap of the wonderful emoticons. My arms aren’t combed either!

After the jump: Code Pink, butt tentacles and more!

Exhibit Two: Code Pink meets Anti-Code Pink angry folks on the internet


This was actually a kerfluffle from sometime in late summer of 2012, I believe: infamous Code Pink called for crafters to flood the RNC with hand-crafted lady-parts and used several images of my work without my permission (and without notifying me that they were doing so at all) to promote the protest online. Like most things Code Pink, this made something of a splash, which in turn created a lovely backsplash of folks angry at whatever it is they got out of the Code Pink protest, and my images got caught in the middle! With no credit!

The real fun-times for this particular image are in the comments section:

bile2 bile3 bile4


While I believe there’s a worthwhile discussion to be had about the linguistic implications of vagina and vulva in popular use, the role of shock in creating a meaningful discourse about reproductive rights (and, for that matter, what exactly sex ed classes in public schools in the USA are teaching and how they can be better &  more effective) these folks are not exactly attempting any kind of reasonable discourse. Awesome!

Exhibit 3: Butt Tentacle!

This is actually not from today, but still:

butt tentacle scarlet tentacle

I’ve completely forgotten what search string this lovely compilation of words comes from, but it makes me giggle each time I see it. Butt tentacle! I know that I’m truly doing something great with my life when searches for my business name spontaneously create butt tentacles.

How goes your Thursday, internet?

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