Work in progress in the afternoon sun

work in progress embroidered vagina

Here’s a quick snap of a custom embroidered vagina dentata I was working on last week in the afternoon sun. My super-shiny faux-snakeskin gold clutch that houses my in-progress embroidery projects turned into a perfect reflector as I was sitting next to my garden window and binge-watching The Good Wife as I worked on this piece.

(PS: are we friends on all the networks? Let’s be friends on all the networks. Scarlet Tentacle on FacebookScarlet Tentacle on PinterestScarlet Tentacle on TumblrScarlet Tentacle on TwitterScarlet Tentacle on Model Mayhem; and most relevant to this post: Scarlet Tentacle on Instagram, now with more photos of my cats, embroidery and various cool-looking plants. Whee!)


One thought on “Work in progress in the afternoon sun

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