Hardcore (1976) Crafts


A friend of mine recently gifted me this treasure trove of 1970’s what-the-fuckery (“I saw it and immediately thought of you!”) and by jove, it is full of the most 1970’s erotic crafts you can imagine. And more. Lots more. Regretsy levels of more ‘erotic crafts’. More strangely unsettling craft-art than you can shake a very large stick at. The largest collection of utterly unerotic, utterly un-sexy erotic art I’ve ever seen.


Everything about this piece exudes 1976, no?


This quilt is seven feet by eight feet. Think about that for a while.


The bright red eyes of these fucking bunnies as they frolic through bucolic textile hell are going to haunt your dreams. Or maybe just mine.


Little known fact: that quote about pottery intercourse directly inspired the infamous pottery wheel scene in Ghost.


‘Frog Seducing a Rutabaga in an Overstuffed Armchair’ is my favorite WTF-ery piece in the book and the most confounding. “As is obvious in this piece, what is erotic in one culture may not be erotic in another,” says the artist, to which I say: “Obvious is not remotely the appropriate word to use to describe anything about this sculpture, and can you please direct me to the culture that is made up of rutabaga-seducing frogs? Thanks!” Also, see related: Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

Gods help us, there are way more photos behind the cut AND a treasury full of 1970’s inspired erotic art now for sale on Etsy.


She’s so happy!


In case you can’t read the caption, this particular piece of erotic art is also a fully-functional butter dish.


What is it about earthenware that is so… disco-era?



Can we talk about how this image wouldn’t be out of place in the intro sequence for a James Bond movie?


Erotic paper cuts: the next big trend on Etsy in 2013!


Also file under the category of: the fuck?

Clever and disarming, yes!


This is some straight-up Méret Oppenheim Object shit going on right here.

2013-04-24 13.03.46

Is there a second edition out there somewhere? In case there isn’t, here’s a treasury full of erotic art that’s available on Etsy in 2013.

A treasury inspired by Hardcore Crafts, edited by Nancy Bruning Levine.

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house


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