May the Fourth Be With You, always, even if it’s late.


Whoops! Things got a bit hectic in my life this weekend and I was literally kept from posting this until now because I was rescuing plastic babies from burning buildings all weekend & learning how to move 6,000lbs of concrete with a couple of sticks of wood and physics. Also, for the record: lifting & dragging around 200lb plastic dummies & lifting 6,000lbs of concrete all weekend is a surprisingly good workout.

So! This is my Star Wars pin-up girl, Asajj Ventress, and both she and I wish you a belated May Fourth, 2013.

A bit of background about this piece: to be honest, I’m only passingly familiar with the Expanded Universe, the detail that Wookipedia goes into completely and utterly overwhelms me, and regardless of how great the storytelling for the 3D CG animated Clone Wars is, I can’t get over that the series is not Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated Star Wars: Clone Wars.

That said, I had a lot of fun diving into parts of the Star Wars fandom I wasn’t familiar with — while my knowledge of the filmmaking aspects of the original trilogy is pretty strong, the lore of the universe didn’t grab me in the same way as the technical aspects of the films did as a child. After creating a bunch of drafts of different characters from the expanded universe, I settled on Ventress because she was a character I’d come to know & thoroughly enjoy through the animated micro-series. While she’s not remotely 501st compliant, this drawing is based on a cross between her character’s original concept art and her appearance in Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars. This piece was 100% created in Illustrator — it’s all vectors, baby, including Ventress’ double-bladed lightsaber, which I am inordinately fond of.


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